BHCARA Financial Statement Year 2014


Events and meetings for 2014

 Location: Date: Mileage: Purchases made by BHCARA: Speaker Fees paid 

1. Black Creek Pioneer Village Meeting January 13/2014 160k

2. Judy Sgro - 2201 Finch Avenue West, Suite 25, Toronto January 31/2014 160k

3. Black Creek Pioneer Village meeting February 1/2014 160k

4. Black Creek Pioneer Village meeting March 26/2014 160k

5. Meeting Geri at Black Creek PV March 12/2014 160k

6. Presentation - Niagara OGS - 415 Linwell  Road St. Catherines 402K

March 13/2014 404k handouts $35 - Speaker fee received 

7. Meeting at Black Creek PV March 16/2014 160k

8. Orillia Historical Society Meeting 30 Peter Street South, Orillia, Ontario March 19/2014 68k handouts $35

9. Descendent Tillsonburg N4g 5W3 March 25/2014 486k

10. Pick up loaned quilt Bowmanville, Ontario March 3/2014 322k

11. Wellington County Museum set up display, 0536 Wellington Road 18,   R.R.#1 Fergus ON N1M 2W3 March 29/2014 264k

12. Wellington County Museum presentation, 0536 Wellington Road 18,   R.R.#1 Fergus ON N1M 2W3 April 5/2014 264k handouts $35 Fee paid

13. 106th Birthday Visit with BHC Walter Goulding, 535 Cheapside,  London ON N5Y3X5 April 12/2014 522k Cake, drinks, napkins, card, candles, fruit, vegatable tray,  $101.90

14. Millbrook, Ontario Historical Society presentation April 24/2014 304k Handouts $20 

15. Meeting at Black Creek, Toronto April 30/2014 160k

16. Tilsonburg artifact pick up with Jennifer from BCPV May 4/2014 486k

17. Meeting at Black Creek in TO May 6/2014 160k

18. Orillia Public Library Doors Open event May 24/2014 66k Handouts $20  fee received

19. Black Creek staff presentation June 11/2014 160k

20. Meeting at Black Creek July 5/2014 160k

21. 4th Line Theatre - speaking engagement July 18/2014 316K Free tickets

22. Speaking at church in Toronto July 27/2014 no expenses/no fee given

23. First World War Commemoration Service, Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto July 28/2014 160k Handouts, name tags, posters, Kleenex, $98

24. Purchased tickets for Executive Director for 4th line August 5/2014 $25

25. Barrie Legion (410 St. Vincent) meeting  August 13/2014

26. Civilization Museum to drop off BHC loaned items items, Quebec August 6/2014 1058k

27. Flowers for Walter Goulding's grave $55

27. Set up exhibit at Orangeville PL - 1 Mill St, Orangeville September 2/2014 182k

28. 2nd trip to Orangeville for set up September 3/2014 182k

29. Orangeville Public Library presentation September 13/2014 182k Handouts, posters $40 Coffee cup

30. Hamilton, Promises of Home book launch - speaking September 25/2014 312k 

31. Entertainment Director from the UK - Niagara Falls trip, Blue Jay tickets, Owen Sound trip September 25, 26/2014 Cost of boat tour $75 Blue Jay tickets, Niagra Fall's tourist attraction fee's - cost not calculated in. 

32. Barrie Legion Display September 26/2014 Handouts, posters $40

33. British Home Child Day 2014 Black Creek Pioneer Village Sept 27/2014 160k Handouts, name tags, posters, 50/50 tickets, place cards $150, dinner cost $2401.53 (covered by ticket sales) $150 from 50/50 draw donated

34. HOMECHILD the Musical display set up, Erin, Ontario October 23/2014 210k

35. HOMECHILD the Musical display take down. October 25/2014 210k

36. Meadford Presentation Oct 26/2014 183K Hand outs, posters $40 $50 donated in collection jar, $20 given to ED for gas = $30 to BHCARA

37. Peterborough Public Library event Oct 29/2014 306k Handouts $35 Speaker fee paid

38. Northridge Community Church, Pickering Streetn Newmarket 130K Handouts $26 Speaker Fee paid

39. Queen's Park Toronto wreath Nov 11/2014 202k Wreath paid for through BHCARA group donations $75

40.John Wanless Public School, Grade 6 presentation 245 Fairlawn Ave, Toronto, November 26/2014 194 K - Magnets $15, book marks, Charlie Book (donated by Beryl Young) 

41. Meeting with Father Richard McKnight, St Basil-The-Great High School, North York, November 26/2014 donated books Charlie/The Reluctant Canadian $19 (Charlie donated by Beryl Young) K above

42. Barrie Legion Event Nov18/2014 Hand outs, posters $10 (snowed out, few attended) Speaker fee paid

43. Orillia Public Library event, November 11 (covered by BHCARA member), November 21, 2014  66K  Speaker Fee paid

44. Meeting at BCPV Dec10/2014 160k



KM's driven for BHCARA - 7,129 -  Gas expense $682.73

Purchases/expenses $3,209.53

Speaker Fee's paid to BHCARA $743 


Item/service Total Expense

Ancestry Subscription $299.40 for the year

Vista Print/costco - store items for resale $1,304.35

Vista Print - signs $40

Costco - posters, photos for exhibits, plaques $243.22

Business cards $50

Web site costs weebly site - BHC/CM in Canada research site $47.88 yearly,  BHCARA site $194 yearly

Postage - documents, quilts ect. $142.35

Speeding ticket in Orangeville - on business $37.50

Parking ticket in Toronto - on business $30.00

Banking fee's Not calculated yet

Event booth costs  - Scottish $50

Ceramic poppy from the Tower of London - 

Order number: 103108

Order date: 06-08-2014

Number of poppies: 1

Delivery Address: 59 Blair Crescent, 59 Blair Crescent, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, L4M 5Y4, Canada

1 x Hand-made ceramic poppy £25

Postage and package: £19.95

Total: £44.95 Canadian: $88.28


Total expenses = $2,526.98

Not calculated: Wear and tear on car, upkeep of car, home office costs, banking fees


E-bay - collection of vintage artifacts - total $1,791.59 - including shipping costs

Post cards of ships for the BHCARA BHC Registry

Vintage Leaflet Barnardo's 

William Baker Technical School set 12 postcards (donations from members - included below)

1872 Stony Stratford picture 

National Children's Home 1927 leaflet 

1930 Barnardo's Christmas Box Ephemera 

St. James's Palace, Princess Diana speech for Barnardo's 

1903 photo of Barnardo Children at Liverpool 

WW1 Dr. Barnardo Flag Day Paper Pin Badge 

Book, I was a Little Immigrant - George Ashford 

DR. Barnardo Good Conduct Medal 

Ephemera group for Dr. Barnardo Homes 

Our Darlings magazine 

Our Darlings magazine 

Dr. Barnardo 1935 Happiness book of photos 

1883 Our Darlings Barnardo Magazine 

Frederick the English Giant (Kempster) - booklet

Dr. Barnardo post card 

Dr. Barnardo 1913 advertisement 

Dr. Barnardo for God and Country pin 

1905 Watts Naval School post card 

Winifred Payne documents

Waifs and Strays post card 

WW1 Victory medal Pte F C Halls - funds donated as noted below

GM Peters medal 

The Bakery Bakers Barnardo's post card 

Bootmakers post card 

Hawkhurst Babies' Castle post cards 

The Printing office post card 

The Father of Nobody's Children post card 

Bronze Good Conduct Medal 

Ironing room Barkingside post card 

John T Middlemore punch cartoon 1901 

Brush Makers Shop card - Barnardo

National Children's Home antique money box 

Our Darlings Barnardo magazine bound volume 

1900 Canadian Emigrants Barnardo Boys paper 

Barnardo Guild Magazines 


Additional Income - $3,349.43

Donations $140 for wreath - balance to the BHCARA funding account

Other donations (postcards, web site donations) $500

BHCARA BHC Day Dinner Ticket Sales Pay Pal - $1140 Bank checks $300

50/50 ticket sales from September dinner $150  - winner donated their share to BHCARA

BHCARA Store purchases $914.43 (calendars, cups, tee shirts -etc.)

Donation for First World War medals $150

Donation for Quarrier book purchased - $55


Total income =     $4,092.43

Total expenses =  $8,292.03


                            - $4,199.60