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Having spent years researching the BHC, I have in the process, found many instances where the actual historical events have been reported incorrectly.  It has been my mission to drill down in historical records, to try and represent what happened to the home children accurately.  As you have said, I recognize that this isn't something that necessarily concerns you in your writings of fiction.  I would however, with respect,  suggest that historical accuracy IS important, even to a writer of fiction for at least two reasons.


1.  Many people, no matter how much they are told that a story is fiction, begin to blend fiction with fact. They will indeed take what you are saying as being the truth of what happened, and may rely on it for their own family research and worse, reiterate the fiction and represent it as fact. BHCARA has spent years trying to correct misconceptions surrounding the BHC, and it kind of goes against the grain to see it happening and not say anything. You sought my opinion on your work and I have to be honest from my perspective.


2.  If a work of fiction is actually "pure fiction", such as Harry Potter for example, then creative expression holds no bounds, obviously. But even then, writers would be careful to describe clothing for instance in keeping with the period of history when the story is meant to have taken place. When a fictional story is based on actual events in history, I believe that factual accuracy is very important.  You can be sure that Ian Fleming, when writing  the James Bond books, spent countless hours fact checking and making sure that his character was believable. Tom Clancy would be another example. To me, the idea of fiction is to be believable on a level while at the same time presenting characters who form the story. The facts SUPPORT the characters, making them believable in an accepted framework. I read the few pages you sent to me and was quite into it, until I came upon the error I mentioned in my previous email. The wrong detail threw me off and if I continued to see similar errors it would distract me from the story depicted by the characters.  As such, without wishing to be negative or mean, I wouldn't be able to endorse the book. 


Finally, I would suggest that your target audience will mostly be people who have an interest in the BHC from the perspective that they are descended from a home child or that their lives were directly impacted by events surrounding the history of the period. Many of them are very knowledgeable and when they see factual errors, it will be a distraction for them too and spoil their enjoyment of the book. 

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