Book by

Lori Oschefski

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     Between 1863 and 1949 over 100,000 children were immigrated from the UK to Canada. Known as the British Home Children, today Canada is home to over four million of their descendants and yet most Canadian's are completely unaware of their story!

     Author Lori Oschefski's passion for the British Home Children stems from the need to help her mother, a surviving child migrant. Through Lori's search of her family hisotry, she came across many others desperately seeking help themselves. In 2012 she created the British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association which, in its fifth year now, quickly moved to the forefront of the British Home Child Awareness Movement in Canada. It is the first organization of its kind to use the social media to function and to promote the BHC story with unprecedented and unparalleled success.


   "Bleating of the Lambs - Canada's British Home Children" is Ms. Oschefski's first book. Based on years of research, it is a compelling collection of British Home Child stories, important and interesting facts and a historical overview of these migration schemes. "Bleating of the Lambs" is now available for purchase.