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Apr 01, 2022
In General Discussion
How does one update the Crane listing in the BHC records: Can these siblings of William Staples CRANE b. 1839, Bridgewater (1871 Census) d. Apr 1903, Bristol, Bedminster & Mary Bishop b. 1841, Martock England d. abt Jan 1881 m. Bristol1 Be linked in the records? 1.4 Franklin (Listed As John In Immigration Records) Crane b. abt 1871, 9 Princess Row, Bristol, GBR d. 1968 & Anna E. Ouimett b. 1875, Canada d. 1923 1.6 Robert CRANE b. 5 Mar 1873, 9 Princess Row, Bristol, GBR d. 30 Jan 1948, Wyndell, BC occ. Carriage Maker & Jeanette Brown WINLAW b. 18 Jan 1882, 1901 CENSUS - ONTARIO - District No. 66 m. 13 Sep 1905, Weyburn, SK | 1.7 Anna Maria Lamb CRANE b. 1875 Year of Arrival:1884 PERUVIAN Departure:1884-07-10 Arrival:1884-07-19 Barnardo Homes Children travelling together: Q84EB Microfilm Reel Number:C-4534 Reference:RG 76 C1a I am especially interested in Anna or Annie whom contact has been lost. at arrival to Hazelbrae. I have more british records so don't need these details. THANKS! Alex
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