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Jan 25, 2022
In Children's Records
I have been looking over a letter dated 1901 from my great grandfather Walter Byard Sheppard, to his two sons who were establishing a large farm in Saskatchewan after returning from the Boer War. My Great grandfather was involved in a Coppermine in Bonmahon, Waterford Ireland at that time after working with Lord Brassy on CPR land acquisitions with his brother in Saskatchewan. It appears as though she and her child may have been rescued by one of the Home Children Groups and taken in by my grandfathers family. I am hoping that Mr. Parker and his people are associated with one of the Home Children's groups so that I may be able to obtain records of my Grandmother and child. Thanks for your time. Any assistance would be most welcome. Bonmahon Co Waterford Ireland 25/1/1901 Via New York Walter F. Sheppard Esquire L:ate 2nd Canadian Contingent Qu”Appelle Station N.W.T. Canada My dearest Walter & Reg. My soldier boys – many thanks for your nice letters which came to hand yesterday, written on board ship- and wishing me a happy Xmas @ prosperous New Year. I need hardly say, that you were both much in my thoughts, I hoped though I did not know, that you were on the Nordic Castle - En route for Canada - & my prayers were for a safe voyage & happy return for you both, hearty & well and these have been Assured, truly we have much to be thankful for & I welcome you both home to Canada as sons I am proud of you, you have done your duty& kept up your father’s name; and I thank you boys both from my heart and Fan will join me In all this when she hears of your safe return – But now we all mourn the dear Queen, for whom you fought is no more with us – she has gone to her well-earned rest & King Edward 3rd on the throne in England- we mourn loss @ hail him King in the same breath – God save the King Oh how I should like to have a farm with you boys - @ hear all you have to tell, my soul seems hard to keep in my body, my longing is such to see you all again – But I have much to be thankful for. I am glad to hear that Frank is doing something at last. I wrote May what you said, she is at this moment, with Aunty Lily Mason and very happy - of course like my luck, I had to leave London just before she came up - @ have not seen her at all since she came to England, but I have a nice letter from Lily Mason all about her. She is very fond of May & her baby and tells me as I asked her to find out that Parkers people one and all , have been most kind in every way to May and her baby - In fact she is a very lucky girl, to have become one of such a nice family. This has eased my mind on that score. Think well over boys, what you are going to do, before you do it – I am afraid the land at Rosehill only 160 acres, will be pretty hard scraping? - If you decide to do anything with it well @ good, let me know but I should think you would do better somewhere on better land - I say this to you, but not to a would be purchaser, or outsider – I do not want you to harm your future prospects by trying to do good to me. You have your lives all before you, I have only a few years more , @ I shall be at rest - get some good land , farm it well, mixed farming – stay together – you cannot do better. I am very anxious about Frances – Daisy @ Mab. Not having heard of the Cando party this winter, Xmas letters or any. Write me soon boys- best love to all Your Dad Walter B. Sheppard Oh for the grasp of the hand of you both, you don’t and can’t know how I feel this long separation from all my dear ones. I
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