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Large archive of BHC information released

Not all information available has been indexed here yet.

Héritage is part of The Library and Archies Canada has agreed to publish their reels of information on the Heritage site so that they would be accessible to the public, for free and without a trip to their Ottawa archives to view the films. The index is not searchable. The BHCARA has been going through the reels to identify where the pockets of information on our BHC are found. There are thousands of documents and although we try to list the years each section pertains to, often we are finding random years in that index. Please use the years listed here as a GUIDELINE ONLY.

Identification of where these files are in the Heritage Database has been done by John Sayers (supplied the reel numbers), Dawn Heuston, Diane McGregor, Georgina Sales, Lori Oschefski, Roy Leigh and LeeAnn Beer. We once again, thank our members for pitching in and making lighter work of bigger projects. We would like to thank Diane McGregor for taking on the job of sorting these files out per immigration year.

Index cards of BHC

G. B. Smart Inspector of British Immigrant Children & Receiving Homes
General Interest Files
Smaller organizations
Dr. Barnardo Homes
Inspections of Immigrant Children
Bristol Emigration Society
Canadian Catholic Emigration Association
Catholic Emigration Association
Church Army
Church of England Waifs and Strays Reports
Cossar Farms New Brunswick
Juvenile Inspection Report Cards 1913-1932
National Children's Home Hamilton
Overseas Settlement - Margaret Bondfield
Fegan Reports

This index includes Middlemore, Dakeyne Boys, Cossar. Placements include Nova Scotia, New Brunswick.

Liverpool Sheltering Home - Louisa Birt
Maria Susan Rye Niagara-on-the-Lake
Marchmont/Middlemore Homes Halifax
Salvation Army Reports
The British Immigration and Colonization Association

These files have not been indexed. BICA information can be found in the Heritage files C-7846 , C-7847 
C-4766 There appears to be several pockets of information contained in these files. 


Annie Macpherson's Stratford
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