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Biographies of our Board Members

Home Children Canada President - Ms. Lori Oschefski

Lori March 2021.jpg

Ms. Lori Oschefski is a genealogical researcher and advocate for the Home Children whose work is recognized worldwide. Ms. Oschefski's work has been recognized and praised by many organizations including the Daughters of the American Revolution. She also successfully worked with Fort Knox in Texas and The Pentagon regarding a military project she spearheaded. 

Ms. Oschefski worked on several memorial projects, including the Gillingham Park Fete Tragedy, Gillingham, Kent, England where she successfully campaigned to have the graves of nine children and six adults restored with a monument in their memory placed in the park where they had, together, perished.

Ms. Oschefski became involved with the Home Children after her mother, in 2007, revealed that she had been a child migrant, arriving in Canada at the tender age of two. Since then, she has discovered many Home Children in her family.

In 2012 Ms. Oschefski founded the worldly known research group "British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association" which has swelled to over 9,000 members. Through her work, she has assisted many authors, students, filmmakers, museums, and university studies with their research and projects. Ms. Oschefski served as a historical consultant on the 2020 best-selling novel "The Forgotten Home Child". Ms. Oschefski and her group also contributed to the American best-selling book "No Ocean Too Wide" and its sequel "No Journey Too Far". 

In 2014 Ms. Oschefski in partnership with the Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto created a large HC exhibit "Breaking the Silence" which was awarded the Ontario Museum Association Awards of Excellence for Excellence in Exhibition. She also worked in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Canada on a Home Child exhibit which is currently running in their Canadian History Hall.  Mr. Oschefski is proud to be the driving force behind the recognition of the service of our Home Children in the Wars by Veterans Affairs Canada.

In 2016, Ms. Oschefski attended a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, one of four Canadians invited by Barnardo's to represent the Home Children at their 150th-anniversary celebrations.

Ms. Oschefski, a Dental Hygienist,  is a resident of Barrie, Ontario with three grown children and several Grandchildren. 

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