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Biographies of our Board Members

Home Children Canada President - Ms. Lori Oschefski

Lori oschefski profile.jpg

Ms. Oschefski serves as the President of Home Children Canada (HCC), a distinguished Canadian charity devoted to advocating for Home Children since 2012. Committed to unraveling the narrative of Home Children, she embarked on her exploration in 2007, fostering a profound understanding of these historical programs. Ms. Oschefski is an accomplished author with two published books on Home Children. She is currently working on her third book, continuing her impactful contributions to the field. Widely recognized for her exceptional contributions, Ms. Oschefski is not only an expert in her field but also holds accolades for her noteworthy achievements:

  • Recipient of the Ontario Museum Association’s Award of Excellence in Exhibition for a long-term exhibit created in partnership with the Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto.

  • Creator of an exhibit in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of History.

  • Two-time nominee for Historical Awards for her books.

In 2016, Ms. Oschefski attended a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, one of four Canadians invited by Barnardo's to represent the Home Children at their 150th-anniversary celebrations.

Ms. Oschefski, a Dental Hygienist,  is a resident of Barrie, Ontario with three grown children and several Grandchildren. 

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