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Researching  British Home Children

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 British Home Child Registry

Released on September 28th 2016, this Registry combines the former Perry Snow database and the Norah Dennis database into one large complete registry. The registry is run by Mrs. LeeAnn Beer and contains information on over 80,000 BHC

Please note: This Registry is a "work in progress". We have a growing list of over 81,000 children. Children will continue to be added over time as each entry is verified and corrected to the best of our knowledge. Once completed we will be open for new submissions, updates, and corrections. However, to maintain the integrity and correctness of the information, it will be our Admins who enter the final information to prevent the entry of mistakes and wrong information. This is critical to producing a long-standing Registry with accurate information. The information entered will be reviewed with the contributor, with any explanation needed for corrections/additions to the information, given.  Corrections/updates for those children online are being done on a limited basis. Contact us at to inquire about your BHC if on-line.

British Home Children in Canada - Research Site

-Keep in mind that not all children are in these databases - its ongoing work to add children as we find them. Thousands of names have been added to this site, with more being added.
-on this page scroll to the top of the page,  type your child's name in the search bar at the top of the page.

Check this site for any mentions of your child

Library and Archives Canada

These records will tell you what ship, when they left, when they arrived and usually what organization brought them. This database also includes some Maria Rye and Middlemmore records. The database also includes information on the sending organiations and the receiving homes. The work is ongoing, with more information being added periodically. 

 Please keep in mind that the majority of the children are in this data base, however many are also missing. If you cannot find your child here, you might have to search the BHC Registry or the incoming Canadian passenger lists or the outgoing UK lists held or or you can try the free site


Home Children Canada Research Group

Created in 2011, the BHCARA Facebook group is a membership of almost 11,000 BHC descendants whose mandate is to share the stories of our BHC and to offer free genealogical help and advice on researching our Home Children. We have many excellent researchers whose help often begins within minutes of posting. 
Thousands of names and bits of information for BHC have been entered in our group.Use the search bar (located on the left of the sceen if on PC) Enter your BHC - try last name only

The Children's Child Care Records

As of the mid 1890's the organizations bringing children into Canada were required to keep records on these children. No legislation was in place mandating the care of these records once the organization shut down. Some, like Barnardo's kept and preserved these records. Some abandoned the records and some were accidently dystroyed. There was generally two sets of records kept, for the UK and in Canada. For a listing of who to contact for records visit British Home Children in Canada site

Board of Guardians

Many children were sent by the Board of Guardians from Union Poor Houses. The Canadian government did occasional inspections of these children. 

Large archive of BHC information released

Héritage is part of The Library and Archies Canada has agreed to publish their reels of information on the Heritage site so that they would be accessible to the public, for free and without a trip to their Ottawa archives to view the films. The index is not searchable. The BHCARA has been going through the reels to identify where the pockets of information on our BHC are found. There are thousands of documents and although we try to list the years each section pertains to, often we are finding random years in that index. Please use the years listed here as a GUIDELINE ONLY.

Check for Maiden names and Births in the UK

Maria Rye Children

Organizations in England

Many of the sending organizations are still active in England and hold records on the children. This information may be obtained by contacting them directly 


If your child came from a Workhouse in England, before 1901 then there is a high chance you will find an inspection report for them on the Library and Archives Canada web site. There were inspection reports done in later years, but they are not on the site. 

under Keywords, type in Workhouse, hit enter. There is also a listing of some government reports with some names transcribed on this web site at:

The Barnardo Magazine - Ups and Downs

70 copies of this magazine have been published on this web site -1895 to 1906, May 1910, May 1913 and August 1912 - published with permission of the Library and Archives Canada and names extracted from issues: July 1939, December 1940, December 1942 and December 1946 

British Isles Family History
Society of Greater Ottawa 

Provides information from their  ongoing research on home children, military ancestors and migration, focusing on British Isles and Canadian ancestry.

Home Children War Service Index
Collectively over 25,000 Home Children served in our Wars. This index aims to catalogue information on each solder. It is built to have the ability to pull stats on this service.

Our First World War Casualty index will remain until it is fully entered into our new index

British Home Child Burial Index

Compiled by the BHCARA, this index contains a growing list of 3,369 burials of British Home Children. The list is being updated regularly as more are found. To add a BHC to the burial index, please send the information to us at

 Magazines published by sending organizations

Many immigration group photos from Quarriers and an abundance of back ground information, information on children in Canada (not many names mentioned - initials given)

waifs and strays magazine.JPG
The Church of England Waif and Strays Society published magazines over the years. 
War cry.JPG
The Salvation Army published a magazine called "The War Cry" which was their official magazine for Canada and Newfoundland. Not many BHC are mentioned, but always worth a look through.
Search The War Cry - Salvation Army

Personal Contacts

Lori Oschefski

Ms. Oschefski is the President of Home Children Canada and can be contacted at
or on Facebook at: 
Home Children Canada Research Group



The are facebook groups where there is experienced volunteer researchers available to help with any difficulties you are having. 

BHC Advocacy & Research Assoication 

Canada's leading group's Facebook page with  over 5,500 members.

Our sister groups on Facebook

Other useful sites

Library and Archives Canada, Personnel Records of the First World War

provides access to the service files of members of Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) along with records for other First World War personnel.

Information about the home or institution
your BHC came from in the UK

Western Land Grants

This database relates exclusively to Letters Patent issued by the Lands Patent Branch of the Department of the Interior. The records refer to grants issued in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the railway belt of British Columbia, c. 1870-1930. Many of our Home Children obtained land under the Dominion Lands Act. This data base would be of patents issued for land.

Saskatchewan and Alberta Homestead Index

Organizations such as Barnardo's promoted and offered packages to assist boys in Ontario to come west and obtain homesteads from the Dominions Lands Act. This database would allow you to find and order their application forms and files for their property if the Home Child obtained land through this program.

Find A Grave

Find a grave  is a free resource for finding the final resting places of famous folks, friends and family members. With millions of names, it's an invaluable tool for researching.

Locate Family

In Canada, locate family member through postal code searches, street addresses

The Maple Leaf Legacy Project 

Hundreds of British Home Children lost their lives in the wars. The aim of the Maple Leaf Legacy Project is to photograph or obtain a photograph of every Canadian War Grave of the 20th Century. These photos will be made freely available on the project’s web site - many of these entries are our Home Children.

City Directories

City Directories were kept in each city across Canada and the UK. (as well as other countries). In England they are known as the Kelly Directories, in Canada the Henderson Directories or the Vernon Directories are some of the names.  Library and Archives Canada hold all the directories from across Canada. Some have been published on-line. Local libraries also hold copies from their areas. If your not local, contact them through e-mail. has published some city directories, including all of Peterborough's

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