Edward Broughall

1912-1913 Legacy to Barnardo's Letters

Edward Broughall was born at Hindford in the parish of Whittington, Shropshire, England 1840 (birth registered in the third quarter of 1840) and baptised at Whittington on 11 Aug that year.

He married twice, first to Jane Emily Basnett at Whittington on 4 Jun 1863. Jane was Edward's first cousin (common ancestors John Basnett and Sarah Lloyd), his second cousin twice over (common ancestors Thomas Birch and Mary Atcherley, plus John Basnett and Catherine Maddocks) and his fourth cousin twice over (common ancestors Thomas Atcherley and Sarah Williams). The couple had no children.

After Jane's death on 18 Oct 1855 Edward married again, his second wife being his housekeeper (who was enumerated as such in the 1881 census, living in the household of Edward and his first wife Jane) Elizabeth Gittins. They wed at Whittington on 3 Jan 1890.

Edward was a farmer according to all the census returns on which he appeared as an adult. He was listed as a breeder, owner or importer in the 1893 edition of The American Shropshire Sheep Record. He was also included in the 1899 edition of Coate's Herd Book (Shorthorn Society of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) as the breeder of Blithesome, calved on 4 Feb 1895, of Blush Rose, also calved on 4 Feb 1895, and of Wykey Empress, calved on 11 Mar 1893. From all this we can say that he was a livestock farmer, breeding Shropshire Sheep and Shorthorn Cattle.

Edward Broughall died at his home, Wikey (or Wykey) House in Wikey/Wykey in the parish of Ruyton XI Towns, Shropshire on 12 Jun 1912 (date from M.I. at Ruyton XI Towns and from National Probate Calendar) and probate was granted to Elizabeth. He was a wealthy man, leaving effects valued at £89,832 7s. 3d. If he owned the land he farmed then his net worth was even higher.

Edward had three children by Elizabeth his second wife:

(1) Gladys Basnett Broughall, born 26 May 1890 in Somerset, England, died 1968 in Shropshire, England. She married, at Ruyton XI Towns on 14 Nov 1914, Robert Edwyn Broughall Woods. Gladys was Robert's second cousin once removed (common ancestors William Broughall and Elizabeth Birch), his third cousin (common ancestors Samuel Lloyd and Elizabeth Tudor) and his fifth cousin once removed three times over (common ancestors Thomas Atcherley and Sarah Williams). As far as I am aware the couple had no children.

(2) Irene Selina Broughall, born at Wikey/Wykey House in 1891 and baptised at Ruyton XI Towns on 11 Dec 1891. Shed died at the age of 14 on 4 Sep 1906 and was buried at Ruyton XI Towns 4 days later.

(3) Roland Edward Basnett Broughall, born 1892 at Wikey/Wykey House and baptised at Ruyton XI Towns 8 Dec 1892. He married, in 1921, his sister-in-law Nesta Madeline Broughall Woods (sister of Robert Edwyn Broughall Woods and therefore related to Roland in the same way that her brother was related to Gladys Basnett Broughall). To my knowledge, this couple had no children.