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Proudly interviewed from five countries!


Filmed in 2012, released in 2015 CEO Lori Oschefski appears in this film and aided in it's production. Forgotten is now available on for purchase

The BHCARA is working in collaboration with RJ Huggins of Orphan Boy Films on this new documentary which began filming in May of 2016. Visit their web site for details:

Featured Videos

Anchor 1

2016 Interview with Al Jazeera English - Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario

October 2017 -
CBC The National

CBC Manitoba July 2016  interview with Lori Oschefski

2016 TRCA - The Living City TV

Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto - OMA Award Video

Born of Good Intentions

Created in 2013 and released to the public in early 2016, this film has been viewed over 30,400 times on You tube. Based on years of Ms. Oschefski's research into the migration programs, it explains the back ground, why the mass immigration of chilren began, what made it legal, why it continued and why so many BHC remainded silent about their personal BHC histories. 

July 2017

July 2017

Your Family Tree Magazine

Your Family Tree Magazine

A quilt full of Memories

A quilt full of Memories

RCMP Newsletter 2016

RCMP Newsletter 2016

The Temiskamig Speaker 2016 part 1

The Temiskamig Speaker 2016 part 1

The Temiskamig Speaker 2016 part 2

The Temiskamig Speaker 2016 part 2

Lakeshore News 2016

Lakeshore News 2016

Bradford Times 2016

Bradford Times 2016

2016 Lakeshore News

2016 Lakeshore News















Newspaper, TV, Radio and Magazine Articles

2019 articles & interivews

●    Feb 23, 2019 CBC News: Mysteries surround Mohawk children housed with Home Children on way to residential school by Jessica Deer

●    Feb 20, 2019 CBC Radio Regina Interview with Bob Huggins 

●    February 27, 2019 The Winnipeg Free Press UK offers payments to surviving British Home Childrenby Carol Sanders - interview with Lori Oschefski

●  March 2019 CBC Radio Opt-in Drive Home Shows across Canada - interviewing Bob Huggins of Orphan Boy Films in 13 cities across Canada.

● March 2019 CBC Radio interview by NADIA KIDWAI
with Lori Oschefski - Winnipeg


●  Sept 24, 2019 Irricana resident shares legacy of British Home Children  By: Allison Chorney - Alberta -

● Sept 27, 2019 Peterborough celebrates 150th anniversary of the arrival of British home children



Heading 6
  • April 2012 Winnipeg Free Press
    Tales of tragedy, triumph abound

  • April 2013 CBC Radio Ottawa
    Our interview was ranked one of the best of 2013 and was replayed in January of 2014 on their "Best of" show.

  • 2013 Owen Sound Times
    British Home Children focus of Owen Sound event

  • 2013 Owen Sound Times
     Telling the lost stories of British home children 

  • 2013 Grey Bruce Mosaic Magazine
    British Home Children and the Death of George Green, written by Lori Oschefski


  • November 18 2017 The Scotsman, by Alison Campsie (Scotland) -  The 15,000 Scots children shipped to Canada 

  • October 1 2017 CBC The National 

  • 2013 Bradford, Ontario Times
    Shining light on the Forgotten

  • 2014 Orillia Packet and Times
    British home kids — indentured servants?

  • October 2 2017 CBC London Radio interview with Rebecca Zandbergen

  • 2014 Guelph Mercury
    Wellington County families explore their connections to British Home Children

  • 2014 BBC Wales
    interview with Nerea Martinez de Lecea, Michele Woodey, Carol Black and Lori Oschefski

  • September 29 2017 Metro Morning with Matt Galloway: Memorial service for British Home Children

  • Oct 10, 2017 by Jeff Maguire  Carleton Place Almonte Canadian Gazette: Plight of Home Children little known tragedy

  • November 2014 Barrie Advance
    Canada’s ‘slave’ children topic of Barrie Legion night

  • Oct 16, 2017 Minto Express: by Willia Wick: Jefkins to share father's story of being a 'Barnardo Boy' on Oct. 20 in Harriston

  • July 2014 North York Mirror
    Forgotten British Home Children finally remembered at Pioneer Village

  • October 2 2017, Inside Toronto by Cynthia Reason: British Home Children monument unveiled at Toronto's Park Lawn Cemetery

  • October 1 2017 CBC by Mark Gollom: 'It's like they never existed': Toronto monument will honour mistreated British Home Children. Viewed over 16,000 times in the first two weeks of publishing!

  • Sep 28, 2017 by Cynthia Reason  Etobicoke Guardian: Monument for British Home Children to be unveiled at Park Lawn Cemetery

  • Wednesday, September 27, 2017 By Marion King: Uncovering a buried history

  • September 2017 History Spotlight: British Home Children


  • August 29 2017 Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan. Interview with Bob Huggins of Orphan Boy Films

  • July 2017 Who Do You Think You Are magazine. Ranked our web sites as one of the top sites for researching Canadian roots

  • August 15 2014 Toronto Star
    Impoverished home children came to Canada from England in droves

  • July 2014 Waterloo Region Record
    Shameful tale of abused ‘home children’ told at Black Creek

  • July 2014 @NHL - The Canadian Press
    Don Cherry lends support as British Home Children war veterans honoured

  • July 2014 On The Scene Network - TV
    Interivew with Don Cherry in our award winning exhibit at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. Mr. Cherry was a guest speaker at our First World War Commemoration Service

  • January 2015 Your Town Newscastle Magazine
    Article on page 4 by  Cory-Lee Maddock-Stiles, starting on page 10 an article co-written by Lori Oschefski

  • November 2015 Orillia Packet and Times 
    OAHM announces Lori Oschefski nominated for a history award

  • June 14 2015 Orillia Packet and Times
    Family history inspires Barrie author to tell the story of Canada's British home children

  • June 11 2015 Orillia Packet and Times
    New book tells story of author's family members who were British Home Children

  • June 21, 2015, The Toronto Star
    A timeline of Barnardo’s and other child emigration programs

  • September 2015 Burlington Gazette
    What kind of a society parented Spencer Smith? Why was he able to give so much to the city he made home?

  • October 2015 Orillia Packet and Times
    OMAH announces History Award nominees

  • October 2015 Etobicoke Guardian
    Learn about John Jefkins family history at meeting at Montgomery’s Inn

  • June 2015, The Toronto Star
    The century-long family secret . . . and a 30-minute unravelling

  • August 2016 CBC Manitoba
    Winnipeg presentation to tell the little-known story of Canada's British Home Children

  • Winter 2015 Barnardo's Guild Messenger Magazine - England

  • July 15 2017 - CBC Radio, Alan Auld interview: Thunder Bay, Ont., filmmaker profiles Canada's British Home Children

  • July 23 2017 - Waterloo Region Record   British Home Children: Canada’s Forgotten

  • July 17 2017 - Kawartha News Peterborough home childrendescendants invited to reunion in Kitchener

  • July 28th 2017 - CTV News - Kitchener
    Region Remembers British Home Children

  • March 1, 2017 La Presse Newspaper, Montreal: LA TRAGÉDIE DES 100 000 ENFANTS ENVOYÉS DE FORCE AU CANADA by NICOLAS BÉRUBÉ

  • Feb 21, 2017 Motion passed in House of Commons acknowledges suffering of British Home Children Mehreen Shahid Orillia Packet & Times


  • January 20 2017 Freedom Talk Radio Scotland
    interivew with Lori Oschefski

  • June 22 2016 The Temiskamig Speaker
    Spreading the Truth about the British Home Children - article to above

  • June 2016 The Beacon Herald
    A former residence for Home Children in Stratford open for Heritage Weekend

  • November 2016 - Ontario Museum Association
    2016 OMA Awards of Excellence Recipients

  • Summer 2016 Edition Barnardo's Guild Messenger Magazine - England
    A Quilt full of Memories
    Featuring our 2016 Memory Quilt & Buckingham Palace trip - image at left

  • September 2016 Bradford Times
    Out of the Shadows: The British Home Children

  • September 6 2016  
    Sherbrooke Record
    Teasdale's "Home Childre" get rave reviews

  • June 1 2016 - Etobicoke Guardian
    Rotary Etobicoke to talk about British Home Children

  • June 20th 2016 12 pm The Rick Howe Show - NEWS 95.7
    Interview with Lori Oschefski

  • June 2016 Al Jazeera English TV Interview
    Canada: ‘home children’ discriminated against even in death

  • June 2016 Global News Halifax
    Lecture teaches sad reality of Home Children

  • June 2016 Radio Canada International
    Authors to explain British child emigration to Canada

  • June 2016 RCMP Newsletter
    Article above

  • May 2016 CTV News Barrie
    A Royal Send Off to Buckingham Palace

  • Feb 2016 Your Family Tree Magazine (UK)
    Ranked our research site "British Home Children in Canada" as the number 2 site for researching British Immigration into Canada - article at left

  • May 12 2016 Bradford Times
    Quilt tells the story of British Home Children - article at left

  • May 19 2016 Lakeshore News
    Quilt tells stories of British Home Children - article at left

  • May 26, 2016 Lakeshore, Ontario News
    British Home Child Quilt displayed at the ATC article at left

  • Feb 2016 Toronto Star
    Dozens of ‘British home children’ lie forgotten in Etobicoke cemetery

  • April 2016 Orillia Packet and Times
    Fire still burns as author seeks truth to troubling past

British Home Child First World War Commemoration Service


Full video, held July 28th 2014 at the Black Creek PIoneer Village in Toronto

George Green Memorial Service.


British Home Child George Green died 118 years ago at the hands of Helen Findley. In 2013, members of the British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association collected funds and installed this new memorial. 

Home Children Tribute Movie



British Home Child Tribute Movie
with special use of "Frederick Shortt's Lament" sung by Marion Parsons.

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