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Home Children Canada Newsletter Archive

BHCARA has been publishing Newsletters since November of 2013


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2013 Newsletters

Featuring Edwin Savage

Featured BHC John Vallance

2014 Newsletters

    January 2014                                 February 2014                            March 2014                                  April 2014

Featured BHC
Walter Goulding

Featured BHC
Annie Emily Gevaux

Featuring George Collins later proved to not be BHC

Featured BHC
Archie Cheesman


               May 2014                                 June 2014                                 July 2014                                    August 2014

Featured BHCs
Ronald Chamberlain
Cyril & Dennis Waterer

Featured BHC

Beatrice Smee

Featured BHCs
Albert Hapgood, Claude Nunney, Alfred Mist
William Thwaite

Featured BHC
William Conabree

          September 2014                          October 2014                            November 2014                               December 2014

Featured BHCs
Robert Joyce
Walter Goulding

Featured BHC
Hilda Williams

Featured BHC
Cecilia Jowett

Featured BHC
Wallace Ford

2015 Newsletter Articles

January 2015 Newsletter
Featured BHC Spencer Smith by Lori Oschefski
Charlie By Beryl Young
To Australia - Empty Cradles review by Andrew Simpson

February 2015 Newsletter
Cyril  Kinsella - The Home Boy Who Grew Up to Represent Humanity by Lori Oschefski
Free BHC book by Perry Snow
Spencer Smith - Follow up
Revisiting New Lives for Old by Andrew Simpson

March 2015 Newsletter

Dr. Seeley by Lori Oschefski

Please note: Dr. Seeley and Dr. Murray Ross joined the York University upon its founding. Dr. Seeley was one of the initial team  providing academic and administrative leadership to the newly founded York University
Labouring Children Review by Andrew Simpson

April 2015 Newsletter
The Mintram Family by Lori Oschefski
Reuben John Jeffery by Susan Glousher

The Guest Children by Lori Oschefski
Evacuation of children during the Second World War by Andrew Simpson
Barnardo's Magazine Ups and Downs by Lori Oschefski

May 2025 Newsletter 
Albert Edward Ahmed by Lori Oschefski
George Bradford Simpson On Discovering the Service Records of a BHC by Andrew Simpson

First World War Identification Project by Lori Oschefski

June 2015 Newsletter

New Book - "Bleating of the Lambs" by Lori Oschefski

The Ironic Life of William Cheesman by Lori Oschefski

When It's All Said and Done by Andrew Simpson

Walter Bowns (Bown) by Marilyn Wallis
Photos included of these children whose stories are told in "Bleating of the Lambs - Canada's British Home Children"

Fred Holt, Lucy Wright, Frederick Kempster, Arthur Godsall, Charles Lucas, Beatrice Smee, Cyril Hewitt, Reuben Jeffery, Edith Brooklyn, Lily Wood, Walter Goulding, Gypsy Simon Smith, Ronald Chamberlain, Annie Lee Whatling, William Joseph Carter, William and Rebecca Hammond

July 2015 Newsletter
The Bellman Sisters by Clair Nicholls
Bert Jefkins The Century-long family secret 
One Family Separated by Misfortune and United a Century Later by Andrew Simpson
Reunited Families featuring Alfred and Frederick Stern, Ben and Bessie Burford, Leslie Griffiths with Alice and Charles, 

Thomas Richens - the story which began with a medal
Alice Carney by James. S. Gilchrist
A Tragic ending to a family search by James s. Gilchrist (BHC  
Archie H. Stewart, Frederick John Prince, Thomas Prince, William Prince)
Featured book: Marchmont by James S. Gilchrist

August 2015

Bert Jefkins - Uniting the Past with the Present by John Jefkins
Reflections by Andrew Simpson
New to Our Collections -
Charles Alfred Hopwood document, First World War collection tin and paper tray

September 2015 
Nick Hodson by Lori Oschefski
Forgotten World Premier
Reflections of My Journey by Andrew Simpson
Community News- Doreen Young,
George Beardshaw, Bruce Skilling
Two Part Family Story -
James Britton - by Steven Shearer

October 2015
Jennie Bramwell - Spooky or what...? by Lori Oschefski
Summer Long Gone by Andew Simpson

November 2015
William Francis Conabree by Gerry Lauzon
How we remember their Service -Trooper Len Brown (son of
Miriam Morris)
Remembering One Man's Death by Andrew Simpson

George Beardshaw in Hamilton - Forgotten
The Money Fell Down From Heaven - Betty Warkentin

Other BHC mentions: Kate Newman

December 2015 
Ellen MacNeil - Annie of Green Gables by Lori Oschefski

Remembrance Day 2015

Happy Christmas by Andrew Simpson

       January 2015                              February 2015                            March 2015                                       April 2015           

    May 2015                                    June 2015                                     July 2015                                  August 2015

     September 2015                              October 2015                          November 2015                          December 2015

2016 Newsletter Articles

January 2016 Newsletter
BHC of the month - Marjorie Skidmore nee Arnison by Patricia Skidmore
Stories of Migrations by Andrew Simpson
Histories of the Receiving Homes - The Russell, Manitoba Barnardo Training Farm by Lori Oschefski
Russell Trivia - BHC in Western Canada by Lori Oschefski

February 2016 Newsletter
William Carter by Paul P Davies
The Child Care Legislation by Lori Oschefski
Those Who Spoke Out by Andrew Simpson
Histories of the Receiving Homes - Niagara-on-the-Lake- Our Western Home by Lori Oschefski
The Park Lawn Cemetery Monument

March 2016 Newsletter
John Henry Bolton by Peter Bolton
Florence Edwards by Kathy Dawson
BHC..the View From Britain by Andrew Simpson
Barnardo's Good Conduct Medal and the Fegan Roll of Honour Medal by Lori Oschefski
History of the Receiving Homes - Edith Atwood Cottage - Fairbridge by Lori Oschefski
The Owen McCarthy Trunk by Lori Oschefski

     January 2016                                    February 2016                            March 2016                                 April 2016


Featured BHC
A HC's
Brush with Royalty
Charlie Harvey - By Beryl Young

Princess Diana - President of Barnardo's
How we remember people is important by Andrew Simpson
Bob Huggins - a new documentary in the works
Marjorie Kohli
John Jefkins
A Royal Send Off





Featured BHC

Vera Alice Coote by Eric Lawson


A Royal Garden Party and Barkingside Tea by LO

A Beaver Challenge by Andrew Simpson

2016 Memory Quilt Showings

Pier 21 event



Featured BHC
A HC's
Brush with Royalty
Charlie Harvey - By Beryl Young

Princess Diana - President of Barnardo's
How we remember people is important by Andrew Simpson
Bob Huggins - a new documentary in the works
Marjorie Kohli
John Jefkins
A Royal Send Off





Featured BHC
Mary Talyor and Samuel Usher - Part 1 by LO


The call for an apology by LO
When saying sorry is important by Andrew Simpson
A reason for the silence? By LO
How we remember people is important by Andrew Simpson






Featured BHC
Samuel Usher and Mary Taylor Part 2 by LO

Winnipeg's CPR station by LO

Of Naples, British Home Children and missing home by Andrew Simpson
Dr. Barnardo's Musical Boys by LO
From our Vintage Book Collections



Featured BHC
Florence Seymour by LO
Margaret Warren - by Mary Ferguson

Don't and Do's for Fegan Children in Canada
The debt we owe to all British Home Children by Andrew Simpson
2016 Student Achievement Award
Histories of the Receiving Homes - Peter Street by LO
Britons never shall be slaves
Apology Petition update


Featured BHC

"Arthur Funnell" by LO
"From Adversity to Accomplishment" by Jennifer Wenn
Release of the BHCARA Registry
Perry Snow is appointed ED of the BHCARA
2016 Remembrance of our BHC who served
"Manchester and Salford Boys' and Girls' Refuges" By Andrew Simpson
"The Ellinor Close Farm" by Lori Oschefski



Featured BHC
Victor Ford by LO

"Remembering the contributions of the BHC to Canada's War Efforts"
"Meet me to-night in Dreamland but not in these" by Andrew Simpson
"Nantyr Shores Secondary Scool's trip to Vimy Ridge"
New Book Release "Stepping Stones" by Jan and John Milnes

2017 Newsletters



Featured BHC

"John Grant Rolland" By Tom Rolland


"Histories of the Receiving Homes: Fairknowe Home"
 by Lori Oschefski
"Stories behind the image"
By Andrew Simpson
"Scotland's Home Children"
 by Ann MacLaren

Change in Newsletter from monthly to quartly

2018 Newsletters

Augustus Bridle
page 1 summer 2018.jpg
Summer 2018
Featuring Walter Leigh Rayfield
Fall 2018 newsletter page 1.jpg
Fall 2018 Newsletter
Featuring Charles Hornfeck
mini new and event reminder.PNG
July 2018 mini news and event reminder
December newsletter.PNG
December/Winter 2018 Newsletter

2019 Newsletter Articles

January 2021 Newsletter
Rising from the Ashes: Arthur Clarkson and Lily Wood by Linda Pagnani
Growing up in a Rural Village by Andrews Simpson
New To Our Collections - vintage "Our Darlings"
Indentured Servants and their Contracts by Lori Oschefski
Laying the Children's Ghosts to Rest by Sean Arthur Joyce
BHC 150 Special Edition Pins.


Spring 2019 Newsletter

Marjorie Reunited (Patricia Skidmore)
Ex-Gratia Payment for BHC (Lori Oschefski)
When Legend Becomes Fact (Andrew Simpson)
No Ocean Too Wide  - New book release
Histories of the Receiving Homes - Hazelbrae (Lori Oschefski)
Don't Ignore Your Junk Mail (Barry Lloyd)

May 2019 Newsletter
Introducing Madge Gill - formally Maud Eades by Lori Oschefski
Our Madge Gill Embroidery Workshop by Lori Oschefski
Celebrating BHC 150 & Madge Gill in Canada
Reflecting on that 150 Years by Andrew Simpson

September 2019 Newsletter
The Beacons of Light Tribute
Stanley Maxted by Andrea Harris
Historical Amnesia by Sean Arthur Joyce
Contributions by the Children Migrated to Canada by Andrew Simpson
Happy Birthday to George Beardsahw by Lori Oschefski
New to Our Collections - the John Bowles Bible (Lori Oschefski)
"No Ocean Too Wide" release
My Royal Reply by Tracy Smithers

BHC 150th Commemorative edition 

Who are the British Home Children
by Lori Oschefski
Beacons of Light by Lori Oschefski
Maria Rye and the First British Home Children in Canada by Sean Arthur Joyce
The Children’s Trunks by Marjorie Kohli

Cecil Bennett BHC and their Service in our Wars
by Lori Oschefski

Who Was Maria Rye? - by Lori Oschefski

History of Our Western Home -by Lori Oschefski

The SS Hibernian -by Lori Oschefski

Annie Macpherson - by Sarah Wise

The Seymour & the Ward Family by Lori Oschefski with notes and information from the Ward Family.
The Life of BHC Richard Mandeville O'Mahony Canada's Famous Clown Fifi By Gwynneth Bennet
A Home Child’s Brush with Royalty by Beryl Young
Cecil Bennett by Lori Oschefski
Mr. & Mrs. Hampton by Andrew Simpson
Marjorie Skidmore nee Arnison
by Patricia Skidmore
Our British Home Child, George Craig by Donna Diebel
From Renowned to Notorious composed by Lori Oschefski
Acknowledgements composed by Lori Oschefski

January 2019 Newsletter


page 1 January 2019 newsletter.jpg

September 2019 Newsletter


small front cover.jpg

Spring 2019 Newsletter 

Spring 2019 newsletter front page.jpg
newsletter page 1.jpg

BHC 150th Edition 

May 2019 Newsletter

spring 2019 newsletter page 1.jpg

2020 Newsletters

February 2020 Newsletter
front page.jpg
June 2020 newsletter page 1.jpg

February 2020 Newsletter

George Paginton,
Arthur Walter Grimes

April 2020 Newsletter
Joseph William Smith, Gail Collin's passing, Maria Rye Database

June 2020 Newsletter
Featuring: Walter Goulding
The Workhouse System by Andrew Simpson

September 2020 Newsletter
Alfred R. Williams, John Ratheram, George Beardshaw's birthday

November 2020 Newsletter
Featuring: George Beardshaw, Harold Moss, Florence, Rose and Catherine Seymour.

page 1 Nov 2020 newsletter.jpg

2021 Newsletters

April 2021 Newsletter

The Journey to find Ethel Read
by Brian Read

Behind their Faces by Andrew Simpson

New to Our Collections - Maria Rye Trunk

by Lori Oschefski

Coming Soon - No Journey Too Far

The S.S. Duchess of Bedford

by Ralph Jackson

July 2021 Newsletter

Alice Frazeau (Fraser) Hayes

By Tilly Meyer
David Lorente - our new name

By Lori Oschefski  with a special note from Judy Neville

The Great War Has Passed out of Living Memory
by Andrew Simpson

Charles Richards - WW1 Uniform Donation

by Lori Oschefski

The RMS Bavarian

By Ralph Jackson

Orphan Girls Head to Canada, the story of Agnes and Margaret Wardlaw by David and Paul Lake

A heart-wrenching farewell to Judy Neville

The S.S. Carthaginian by Ralph Jackson

The story of Charlie Richards by Sharon Fraser-Richards

Two Barnardo Boys Reunion, George Beardshaw and Cyril Hewitt

British Home Child Day in Canada

The Band of Kindness by Andrew Simpson

The trunk of Sidney Johnson, KIA in the First World War

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