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The Year Of The BHC!!!

I nominated 2014 to be declared YEAR OF THE BRITISH HOME CHILD

This has been, by far, the most outstanding year ever for our BHC, with events going on across Canada (we will be in Calgary in October!!) steady this year, 3 major BHC Day Celebrations, Don Cherry finally standing up and publicly speaking about his BHC Grandfather and our BHC exhibit, opened now until 2015, the September BHC Train Station display done by the Ontario East Group, The Civilization Museum and now a foot in at the War Museum!! I cannot thank Karen Mahoney, Sandra and Glenna Smith-Walkden enough for all their help this year. Judy Neville, you are such a hard working gal with your Ontario East group - you too have done amazing work. The BHC have been constantly in the press this year, coverage from CBC to BBC and all local news outlets in between!

And the work continues, hardly time to catch our breath, Sandra Joyce & I have a press interview tomorrow and three more venues have booked into our already very busy fall schedule! This has been such an amazing year so far, and not over by a long shot! Homechild the Musical will be playing in Erin, Ontario also in October. I start this weekend putting together a display for the lobby there. EXCITING! I urge everyone who can to get out and see this play, you will not be disappointed! Today, Glenna and I are working on a presentation for an up coming event she is doing in Eastern Ontario....amazing!!!

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