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Amazing year for the BHCARA

From Nova Scotia to Manitoba to England, the BHCARA has covered enormous ground this year! Our Memory Quilt, released in March of this year, has traveled over 18,000 K's! The fall is scheduled heavily with events until the end of November when we will begin our winter break! This year saw us at Buckingham Palace, Barkingside, Halifax, Winnipeg, Ontario and participating in a new TV docu-drama being filmed. Visit Orphan Boy Films for information on this new film entitled "A Barnardo Boy". The BHCARA has had a heavy media presence this year, spotlighting the BHC across Canada and the UK! Our new Park Lawn Monument is in the works! Many ,many, thanks to all who work with us directly, who help out, participate and support our work, we could not be without you!

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