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A new format for the BHCARA, on trial are new associate pages. British Home Children were sent all over Canada, but Ontario seems to have it's fair share of attention. To help focus the attention on our different provinces we have launched our first Provincial Associate Page - British Home Children - Quebec Assoc.. The page will be an off shoot of the BHCARA and all our resources are available to help run this page. Member Darline Bates will be running the page along with Member Wendy De Solla Aldridge. There are already individually created provincial pages (not from the BHCARA) already running for several area's by Dawn Heuston - British Home Children of Chatham Kent, Ontario, CA, Judy Neville - Ontario East British Home Child Family, the Nova Scotia sites. We want to focus on area's which do not have pages. We have a page started for Alberta and Manitoba and will be working on these in the upcoming days. Darline and Wendy, the page is loaded and ready to go!

Our second Provincial Associate Page: British Home Children - Alberta Assoc. is now ready to be launched. This page is again, an off shoot of the BHCARA group and will be headed by member Bruce Skilling. These pages are to be run by members in those provinces and we are looking for members from Alberta to help run this page as a moderator. Anyone interested can please contact Bruce Skilling or myself through private message. Also coming in the next week is our Manitoba Provincial page.

The Alberta page is now loaded and ready for action! Some interesting fact are there about Alberta and our BHC - enjoy browsing the page!

Our newest BHCARA associated page is not a provincial page but a page which aims to recognize our British Home Children who relocated to the United States and our descendants who now live there. I do not at this point have administrators of this page or moderators, so hoping some of our members from the United States will be willing to take on the overseeing of the page. No content has been added at this point - I've created a "logo" for the page and comments or changes or ideas are very welcome and encouraged.

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