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20 July 1907 Dr. Barnardo Immigration Party at Barkingside, England. Mrs. Barnardo is the lady at the front. 

The leader in continuing the mission to bring the true stories of the British Home Children to light, maintain their memory, and to reunite the families separated by the child migrant schemes.

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Our Story

Between 1869 and 1948 over 100,000 children of all ages were brought to Canadian shores from the UK. These children were not brought to Canada for love or protection, they were sent to work on Canadian farms and in Canadian households. This is a significant part of the history of Canada and the United Kingdom,  yet it is still vastly unknown.

Home Children Canada, is proactive charity established in 2012, has been dedicated to elevating the profile of the Home Children and preserving their memory. Through diligent efforts, the organization has worked tirelessly to shed light on the historical experiences of the Home Children and to honor their legacy. With a strong commitment to raising awareness and promoting understanding, Home Children Canada strives to ensure that the stories of these children are recognized and respected. By honoring their memory, the charity seeks to ensure that the Home Children's contributions and struggles are never forgotten and that their rightful place in history is acknowledged with dignity and compassion.

Over the years, Home Children Canada has remained committed to cataloging the stories of Home Children, preserving vital information, and reuniting families separated by these migration programs. The charity has worked tirelessly to promote the stories of the Home Children on a global scale, becoming their leading voice in this endeavor. Their ongoing work involves building the Home Child Registry and various indexes, while newsletters containing stories and educational articles have been published since 2013.

Home Children Canada takes immense pride in its work related to the service of the Home Children during the Wars. The charity has played a crucial role in advocating for the recognition of their contributions and sacrifices by Veterans Affairs Canada. Through dedicated efforts and persistent advocacy, Home Children Canada has worked towards acknowledging the significant role played by these children in various wars, ensuring that their service is properly honored and remembered.

Home Children Canada has undertaken a crucial mission of identifying the burial sites of Home Children, particularly those where these lost children were laid to rest. In one significant discovery, the charity located an unmarked mass grave containing the remains of 76 children in Etobicoke, Ontario's Park Lawn Cemetery. After four years of meticulous research to unveil the identities of these children, a grand monument was erected, bearing their names and providing them with the recognition they deserved.

The dedicated Board of Directors and our numerous volunteers are passionate about expanding the work of Home Children Canada as a registered Canadian charity. Our exciting plans will further the cause of honoring the Home Children, shedding light on their history, and ensuring their legacy endures for generations to come.


May 2024


Featured BHC's
Alfred Cecil Bell
Adolf Nisbet

Exciting Registry Update
and Our Andrew Simpson



Home Children Canada hass been publishing Newsletters since November  2013

Photo of
Dakeyne Boys Farm,
Nova Scotia, Canada

 by Lori Oschefski

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Canada Place Sails of Light
Home Children Canada
59 Blair Crescent 
Barrie, Ontario
L4M 5Y4
CRA Charity Registration Number # 792523003RR0001
Canada Place, Vancouver British Columbia illuminated in red, white and blue for the Home Children
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